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   Östersjöparken (the Baltic Sea Park) is a privately owned, start-up facility where we wish to realize our vision of a meeting place with an efficient infrastructure for large events on Gotland.

The plant is a well-fenced area equivalent to 30 hectares in Alskog parish in the south-eastern part of the island. Previously the plant was a popular zoo. The park-like area has oak trees, meadows, pastures, ponds and aviaries, and an additional 20 buildings of various sizes and for different uses.

The facility is located in a historical environment which offers a natural beauty with endless possibilities. We can adapt the park to a few thousand people who can have experiences, socialize, eat, drink, etc..

Our own focus is for the moment to adapt the buildings, grounds and boundaries in order to best meet needs and provide service to the organizers, event guests and partners. We are therefore open to suggestions for events that can be implemented together with us, or in-house. For the right project/event is an opportunity to occupy the whole facility.

Baltic park's unique infrastructure of footpaths and meadows, and the whole area has to offer electricity and water, making it possible to hold events that engage and serve the needs of thousands of human consumption and sanitation. The area has a well-equipped cafe, barbecue rotunda and the opportunity to park 1500 cars. In addition to all the buildings have large open Baltic park lawns, fenced pastures and beautiful meadow with ancient monuments.

Welcome to a park of opportunities!


Our aim is to create a cultural center and meeting place for the future.

We want to preserve culture and environment, especially water and Baltic Sea.

Östersjöparken will annually allocate 20% of profits to various projects to save the Baltic Sea.


Alskog Guffride 721

62364 Ljugarn

Tel. 0707-27 00 09
Org.Nr: 802450-2919


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